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Welcome Prof.Ewa Skwarek from MCS University, Poland to be committee member!  
Prof. Ewa Skwarek
MCS University, Poland

Research Area:
(1)Adsorption of ions on metal oxides and various minerals 
(2)Synthesis of adsorbents biomaterials, metal oxides, composite hydroxyapatite and oxides   
(3)Eexperiment of EDL (Electrical Double Layer) - surface charge and suface potential, potentiometric titration and surface charge

Research Experience:
Prof.Ewa Skwarek's main research interest covers various fields of physic chemistry of the solid dispersion ( e.g. metal oxides, nanomaterials , silicates, hydroxyapatite, composite hydroxyapatite and oxides) in the electrolyte solutions especially:
(1)origin of the surface charge at the solid /electrolyte interfaces
(2)mechanism of the adsorption of ions at the solid/electrolyte interface
(3)zeta potential measurements of dispersions
(4)structure of the electrical double layer structure at the solid/electrolyte interface
(5)specific adsorption of ions at the solid/electrolyte interface, competition of ion adsorption
(6)colloid stability

Additionaly radioisotope methods in physical and analytical chemistry.
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Important Dates

Paper submission:  May. 16, 2019
Notification of Acceptance 1-2 weeks
Conference date:
June 21-23, 2019

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