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Welcome Wuhan University of Science and Technology to become the organizer of ICAMMT 2019!  
Welcome Wuhan University of Science and Technology to become the organizer of ICAMMT 2019!  
热烈欢迎 武汉科技大学 成为ICAMMT 2019的主办单位!

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Located in Wuhan of central China, Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) is a key public higher learning institution claiming traditional strengths in engineering and sciences that are integrated with contemporary popular disciplines such as medicine, economics, management, humanities, art, law, and philosophy. It dates back to the Hubei Gongyi Xuetang (Hubei Technical Institute) founded in 1898 by Zhang Zhidong (1837-1909), Viceroy of Huguang Province in the late Qing Dynasty. The institution began offering undergraduate degrees in 1957 upon the establishment of Wuhan Iron and Steel Institute, the University’s forerunner in the modern times. In 1978 and 1998, it was authorized byChina’s State Council to award the master’s and doctoral degrees, respectively. In 1995 the institution was granted university status renamed Wuhan Yejin University of Science and Technology when Wuhan Iron and Steel Institute merged with two colleges also under the then Ministry of Metallurgy. The University acquired its current name in 1999 following its 1998 handover from China’s Ministry of Metallurgy to the local Hubei Provincial Government for administration. Since late 2013 WUST has come to operate under the joint aegis of Hubei Provincial Government, Ministry of Education of PRC and 6 largest mega steel enterprises in China.
For over 32, 000 students hosted by 20 colleges and schools, 32 research centers and 5 hospitals, WUST now offers a wealth of programs spanning across a broad range of fields. They include 69 undergraduate, over 130 master’s, 34 PhD, and 5 post-doctorate programs, with the strongest being:

▪ Metallurgical engineering (ranking 6th in China, 2012)
▪  Mining engineering (ranking 7th in China, 2012)
▪  Mechanical and Automation Engineering
▪  Material Science and Engineering
▪  Control Science and Engineering
▪  Chemical Engineering
▪  Safety Science and Engineering
▪  Public Administration (ranking 29th in China, 2012)
Among all, WUST claims a key discipline under incubation accredited by the central government, and 27 accredited by Hubei Provincial Government.
WUST is also the home of
▪ 1 national key laboratory (in refractory materials and metallurgy), 2 key laboratories accredited by the Ministry of Education of PRC, and 8 accredited by Hubei Provincial Government
▪  1 engineering technology center accredited by the Ministry of Education of PRC, and 1 accredited by Hubei Provincial Government
▪  3 humanities and social sciences research bases accredited by Hubei Provincial Government.
In addition, WUST boasts at the national level
▪  3 teaching and learning teams
▪  1 exemplary center for experiment
▪  6 exemplary courses
▪  7 distinguished programs
▪  1 exemplary course for bilingual delivery
▪  1 innovation center for talent cultivation
▪  1 exemplary center for college English teaching
WUST’s multi-campuses claim 1.08 million square meters in area, including a floor space of over 1.04 million square meters for academic and administrative use. It houses over 2.77 million volumes of books, a state-of-the-art information system, and over 200 million yuan worth of facilities in support of academic and research activities on campus.
Currently WUST is the employer of a staff body of 2,675 including a faculty of 1,838. Among the faculty, about 82 percent are master’s or PhD degree holders, and over 55 percent are professors, associate professors and senior researchers. It also hosts 8 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 scholar accredited with the “Cheung Kong Scholars Programme” sponsored by the Central Government, 3 scholars accredited with the national “1000 Talents Plan”, 6 scholars accredited with the provincial “100 Top Talents Project for Innovation” and 60 distinguished professors accredited with the Chutian Project, the latter two of which are sponsored by the Hubei Provincial Government. Many faculty members of WUST have been lauded by the scholarly community both at home and internationally for their excellence in teaching and research. Most notable are the eminent professors recognized by the Central Government of PRC for their highest research awards in China, including 13 National Awards for Scientific and Technological Advancement and 2 National Awards for Technological Innovation, ranking WUST the 20th across the country (Ministry of Education of PRC, 2012). 
In the modern times, WUST emerged as a pioneer in international development in the early 1990s when it hosted the China-Australia Iron and Steel Training Center on behalf the Chinese government. Since then WUST has been committed to increasingly active cooperation and exchanges in education and research with over 40 universities and research institutions worldwide for various purposes such as student and faculty exchange, collaborative research, running joint education programs, etc. The University has been particularly known for the Diploma of Business it ran in partnership with RMIT University, Australia (1995-2010). Today sees WUST engaged anew with more overseas universities in joint education programs and student exchange programs in broader disciplines and at higher level, providing diversified pathways for students to a wider part of the world such as Singapore, Germany, US,UK, Japan, and South Korea.     
WUST is very much proud of the prominent achievements it has accomplished over the last century in contributing an outstanding alumni body to the nation, many of whom assume leadership roles in academia, industry, business and government. These include, among others, members of ChineseAcademy of Engineering (national ranking 69th nationwide in 2011), central and provincial government leaders (national ranking 67th in 2011), top billionaire entrepreneurs (national ranking 32nd in 2011), leading members of the National Women’s Team including the sports star Miao Lijie. Most notably, WUST has produced a galaxy of technology and management personnel including dozens of CEOs and chief scientists of the country’s 36 major iron and steel companies, for which WUST is rightfully reputed as the “cradle of high profile talents for China’s metallurgical industry.”
WUST is now a leader in many fields, pursuing its mission through excellence in education, research and service. Its faculty, students, and staff strive to work together for advancing knowledge in the engineering, sciences, humanities and professional fields, address contemporary issues and improve the quality of life in the local region, China and the world over.

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